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Reed Family Pharmacy

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Reed Family Pharmacy
814 W. Broadway
Ardmore, OK 73401

Toll Free:  877-221-7636
Local: 580-223-7636
Fax: 580-223-0320
Refills 580-798-2799

Store Hours
Monday - Friday: 
9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday: Closed
All Major Holidays: Closed
(Thanksgiving, Christmas,
New Years, Memorial Day,
Fourth of July, & Labor day)


Have you ever had joint pain? Then consider WilloCurve
The Pain problem:

  1. Knee joints are our natural “shock absorbers” that take abuse which can limit performance. Many rely on medication which frequently has significant risks and dangers.
  2. You’re not alone; 60 million persons 20-60+ have knee pain that limits their performance and quality of life.
  3. They spend an average of $300 out of pocket per year on solutions that may be ineffective and pose health risks. This is in addition to prescriptions covered by insurance.
The WilloCurve is a sophisticated bio-medical computer for joint pain that stimulates pathways to clear out joint toxicity so you can get faster and safer pain relief. The WilloCurve has undergone years of research and clinical use and was proven effective in a controlled, randomized, double blind, medical study; as well as thousands of patient treatments in hospitals and clinics. It is patented and cleared for marketing by the FDA. If you come into the pharmacy and mention the website your first Willo treatment is free.

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